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Listick Lite: Grocery Shopping List app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1024 ratings )
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Developer: SMS Services O.o.o.
Current version: 4.3.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Nov 2012
App size: 23.8 Mb

Listick makes shopping easy, fast and enjoyable. The app lets you save time spent in the store, remember to buy everything you and your family need, and even track your expenses!

* If having an app for shopping and grocery lists is useful for you, this one is a nice one to try out.* -

* This app was very helpful and useful in creating a grocery list. I can now whip out a list in no time at all — and hopefully pass the “game plan” off to our teens to take care of. * -

Listick puts the super back in supermarket. With a built-in database of all sorts of items, all divided into common-sense categories you’ll never write a shopping list again! The app synchronizes lists between different devices as well as via the web at

Plan your list in advance, walk around the store, pop food into your basket and cross out the items with a swipe of a finger. Save and share your shopping lists with relatives and friends via the website and your iPhone.


* Multiple lists & templates
Quickly create as many lists as you’d like! With templates you may create complete list just in one tap. A built-in database of items suggests goods as you type, and you add them to your list with a tap of a finger. The app automatically identifies the relevant category/department, making shopping faster than ever before.

* Create lists on the web
Users without a smartphone can create and share shopping lists with you via the web site and send them to your phone.

* List synchronization in the cloud (smartphones, web)
Log into your account at to browse previously created lists. You can also create new lists and they will be automatically available on your smartphone.

* Lists sharing
Shopping lists can be used simultaneously with other smartphone users. Simply access the list using the same account and they will automatically synchronize across all your devices. You’ll always have an updated status of what’s been purchased and what hasn’t.

* Expenses tracking and user categories
Keep track of your spending by dates and by categories. Plus, thanks to this feature you can transfer total costs from the list to Expenses with just one tap. Its the fastest and easiest way of tracking your daily expenses for groceries and other products.

Basic functions:
* Filter items by category or department
* Cross out goods as you go
* Use a Priority signal to mark out the "must-be-bought" products.
* Use and edit existing lists
* Change list design themes - cool skinpack for every taste
* Send lists via e-mail
If you have any questions about synchronization or other app functionality, see “Options” -> “Settings”->”Help” or contact us at support[at]

Latest reviews of Listick Lite: Grocery Shopping List app for iPhone and iPad

Nice app BUT
Some bugs are to be fixed: the keyboard is partially overshadowed by a banner with the quantity and price. Therefore this banner cannot work: you cant indicate the price or the weight of item. For me, this app is nothing more than a list maker but absolutly not a usefull grocery list... Im disgruntled!
o just one list for free
if you got the first grocery mate app free - keep it and do not bother with this "new" one. just an upgraded version on the first BUT now you gotta pay to make more than list. Dont bother. I deleted it.
Awesome app. Only thing missing is a sales tax. Andmaybe what deals the store is having and pharmacy ready notification. Those would be great to add ;). Great app!!
Needs a feature
Would get a 5 star if I could text my grocery list
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